What is a Black Tulip Creation?

A black Tulip Creation is the beauty that comes out of the struggle. Many people have learned from all of the pain, oppression, violence and negativity caused by the ignorance and misplaced values of the masses and used it as fuel to improve, create and spread love. It takes pressure to make a diamond and these people are invaluable gems.

As a clothing line, Black Tulip Creations creates various collections, each with a different subject or theme. As we grow and gain support we hope to use these collections and create more specifically to help promote and bolster artists, organizations and grass roots movements that are taking action for causes that are aligned with our morals and ideals. Our goal is to seek out people and organizations that spread love and beauty and support them in their efforts by helping inform like-minded people through online platforms, events, and fund raisers. Eventually, we hope to create an international following and be able to provide world wide exposure for organization that need and deserve it.

Why Black Tulip?

The name Black Tulip Creations is in reference to one of the first big economic bubbles in the 1600’s called Tulip Mania. Like this economic bubble and all of the ones that have followed, society has placed a huge value on things that are in fact nearly worthless. This mass over-appreciation of non sense has pushed important issues and ideas to the background and all but stripped the world of love, originality, and the ability to recognize what is truly valuable. The same kinds of irrational beliefs that ┬ámade Tulip Mania possible have created the environments that surround and influence us on a daily basis. A Black Tulip Creation is the result of using this misfitted mentality instilled in us to express and create in a positive way. It may not be pleasant. It may not be delicate polite or politically correct. But what do you expect? A Black Tulip Creation is a product of its environment.